Champagne Region

Need some exoticism or have a thirst for history? “Budgetourism” takes you to the Champagne region.   We’ll visit Reims, Town of Art and History, with its UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites (the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Royal Square, t See more details


We take you to the discovery of Amiens, a city of art and history.   These famous floating gardens and its magnificent Gothic cathedral, it abounds in natural and cultural treasures. The visit of this charming city of Picardy is an unf See more details

Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vicomte

From Vaux-le-Vicomte to Fontainebleau, come spend a day in two of France’s biggest and most beautiful palaces. Between tragedy for the one and international fame for the other, come visit these palaces that left their mark on France’s history!!!   At the turn of the 17th century, ju See more details

Landing Beaches

Let’s go to the Normandy region! An encounter with the History of World War II at the Caen Memorial and on the Landing beaches of June 1944.   We’ll continue on to discover the Dukes of Normandy at the Caen Castle, then to the Men’s Abbey. After that, a change of atmosphere by rel See more details

Champagne et Provins

There are no translations available. Week-end « Champagne et Moyen Age »(Epernay–Reims–Provins)                    Envie d'un moment d'enrichissement culturel et de convivialité? Le temps d’un week-end exception See more details

Guided Tours

Visit of the “Latin Quarter”

Developed around Sorbonne University from the Middle Ages onwards, the Latin Quarter is, still ...

Guided visit of Montmartre

Let’s go discover one of Paris’ last remaining villages. From the top of its hill, Montmart...

Visit of the Opéra / Madeleine district

Typical of Haussmannian Paris, this district is filled with stores, restaurants, theaters and c...

Exploration tour of the Parisian passageways

With the help of Budgetourism, explore the roofed passageways. First appearing at the turn of the 19th...


Bus Tours

Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel

World famous for its unique location and the beauty of its architecture, Mont Saint-...

Bruges and Brussels

From Bruges to Brussels, come discover Belgium’s two finest cities. Every aspect o...

Dance with me in Normandy

  Join us for an extraordinary week-end in Normandy, mixing cultural discov...

Rouen, Honfleur, Fécamp and Étretat

  Allow Honfleur to seduce you with its harbor and half-timbered ho...



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