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Bruges and Brussels


From Bruges to Brussels, come discover Belgium’s two finest cities. Every aspect of this fascinating country beckons you to learn about the culture of Art.

Visit Bruges over a weekend, exploring the narrow roads, romantic canals, quiet parks and relive the past … Pass through Brussels, capital of modern Art. Admire its architectural wonders, overflowing museums and famous comic strips. Taste its famous beers and delicious chocolates! A trip which will fill you with unforgettable experiences!

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It isn’t without reason that Bruges has been named the “Venice of the North”. The historical district is encircled by a canal, and subdivided by several smaller ones on which boat tours are available.
This medieval city has managed to retain all the splendor of its medieval architectural heritage. Its historical district is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its Gothic style brick buildings and “Flemish Primitive” artistic masterpieces.


For romantics, Bruges can be explored by horse-drawn carriage or “Bateau Mouche”. The more athletically minded can rent a bike.

A Museum City

You could spend days strolling through the medieval district of Bruges, in the quaint alleys, crossing its ancient bridges, walking along the well-lit canals, admiring fine historical homes and modest steepled houses of worship. You won’t forget the quiet atmosphere of the Beguinage, the “Lac d’Amour”, the artistic merit of its many monuments, nor the museums containing fine art.


The museums are small-scale historical buildings: the Groeningemuseum with its collection of “Flemish Primitive” art, Arents House, the Bruggemuseum-Gruuthuse, the Archaeological Museum, the Town Hall with its Gothic Hall, Franc de Bruges Palace with its Renaissance Room, and Our Lady of the Potteries.


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 The Belfry

The Belfry of Bruges is nearly 83 meters tall. Climbing to the summit allows you to visit a former treasury transformed into a museum relating the Belfry’s history, an impressive clock mechanism and a 47-bell carillon. And after climbing all 366 steps, your effort will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Bruges and the surrounding countryside.

The Town Hall

One of the former Low Countries’ oldest town halls (1347-1420). On the first floor you’ll find the lavish Gothic Hall with its arched ceiling and mural paintings. The adjoining Historical Room contains a collection of objects, documents and paintings showcasing the history of Bruges.

The Béguinage

The Béguinage was founded in 1245. It is no longer inhabited by Beguines, but rather by Benedictine nuns. Admire the picturesque facades and discrete dovecote, the vast enclosed garden as well as the Béguinage’s
church. In a typical Beguine home, a charming little folklore museum illustrates how the Beguines used to live.

The Bruggemuseum-Gruuthuse

 In the luxurious palace of the masters of Gruuthuse, you’ll feel like a Middle Ages lord. Gruuthuse contains a variety of objects: a guillotine, weapons, antique furniture and cooking utensils. Everyday and sometimes bizarre items illustrate life as it was from the 15th to 19th centuries. And what to think of the 500 year old kitchen, and the the oratory which forms a unique link with the Notre-Dame Church?



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The Béguinage Bruges at night

choco_story_2Photo : Chocostory Bruges

choco_storyPhoto : Chocostory Bruges


The Choco-Story Museum

A city well-known for it’s fine chocolate, Bruges just had to have a museum dedicated to this treat. Its name speaks for itself: Choco-Story relates the long history of chocolate. You’ll travel to the ancient Mexican world of the Mayas and Aztecs for whom chocolate was the drink of the gods, and cocoa beans used as money. Chocolate lovers will learn how chocolate truffles, Belgian pralines, hollow figures and bars are made. The visit concludes with the inevitable tasting!


Among the streets bristling with comic strip heroes


, beautiful Modern Art, culinary delights or the fashionable neighborhoods of Saint-Jacques and Saint-Géry, no other destination can preserve such a lifestyle.

The downtown area’s major history can be pleasantly discovered via a single fun itinerary. Indeed, its most beautiful historical monuments are concentrated within a walkable area, allowing you to stroll through various atmospheres within about an hour.



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 Place Royale Mont des Arts


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The Great Square

Without a doubt the most splendid area in Brussels, the Great Square is rich with beautiful architecture. It boasts the most beautiful Baroque style guildhalls, popular sidewalk cafés and intimate restaurants in the country. Hidden from the old city’s core, it is only revealed when you pass through the narrow side alleys surrounding the square, whose discrete location adds to its charm.

Grand Place de jour et de nuit

The Atomium

This 1958 attraction has become Brussels’ Eiffel Tower. The Atomium is a visual representation of an “atom’s” structure. Built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair, it has been visited by 42 million people. Inside the 9 spheres you’ll also find several art exhibits.

Manneken Pis

Another sight not to be missed is Manneken Pis. You’ll notice that this little guy creates most of the street’s atmosphere. Nicknamed “Brussels’ oldest citizen”, this bronze statue of a small boy and a fountain was created by Jérôme Duquesnoy in 1619, and has become a familiar icon of the city.



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The Atomium Manneken Pis


mur_bd_5 mur_bd_anime_def  

Brussels; capital of the comic strip

Belgium, country of the comic strip, and especially Brussels, are intimately linked to the 9th Art. Here, you’ll find comic strips nearly everywhere. Bookstores, painted walls throughout the city, bars, museums, subway stations; everything reminds us that comic strip heros are a part of the Brussels universe. Tintin, Astérix, Lucky Luke, Blake and Mortimer, and 30 other colorful heros await you in a lively square, hip bar, church or museum.

Hungry Brussels

A universal delight, chocolate tasting is without a doubt one of the most pleasurable sins. What can you say when it’s made by Brussels’ chocolate artisans?

A tour on this theme can’t be refused. The shops open their doors wide to those who want to discover its secrets.

Beer paradise, Brussels invites you to sip its alcoholic delights in one of its still operating breweries. Happy tasting!



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Saturday’s program:

  • Meeting at 6:30 am on the stairs of the Opéra Garnier (metro Opéra, lines 3-7-8 and RER A, station Auber)
  • Departure for Bruges
  • Arrival to Bruges at around 11:00 am
  • Guided walking tour of the historical part of Bruges, during which discover the historical city center and admire its wonders such as the Béguinage, the Love Lake, the Grand’Place, Notre Dame Church…
  • Time for lunch at Bruges
  • Free time to walk around and explore Bruges’s museums and monuments (Béguinages, Choco-story, the Beffroi, the city hall, the Diamond museum…). Additionally, you can enjoy a boat ride on the canal.
  • Departure for Brussels
  • Diner and evening out at Brussels
  • Night at the hotel/hostel

Sunday’s program :

  • Breakfast at the hostel / hotel
  • Self-guided tour of the monuments of Brussels (Grand’place, the king’s house, Atomium, Manneke Pis, Saint Michel Cathedral,…)
  • Free time for lunch
  • Free time to explore Brussels famous museum (Horta museum, Bellevue museum, Belgian brewer museum, the national gallery, Belgian comics museum)
  • Departure for Paris at 6:00 pm
  • Arrival expected around 10:00 pm

Tarifs and Dates

Price: starting from €140

Included in price:

  • Travel by coach (bus)
  • Guided tours of Bruges
  • Accommodation in shared rooms (3 to 4 participants)
  • Accommodation in double rooms (with supplement of 7 € / person)
  • Breakfast Sunday morning

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