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Champagne Region


Need some exoticism or have a thirst for history? “Budgetourism” takes you to the Champagne region.


We’ll visit Reims, Town of Art and History, with its UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites (the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Royal Square, the Saint-Rémi Basilica).

We’ll explore Épernay, including a guided tour of its famous “Champagne De Castellane” wine cellars which will reveal the secrets of how to create a great Champagne wine.

Then, we’ll conclude our tour by tasting the precious beverage… 
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Reims is one of those places basking in History that’s worth seeing. So we’ll go to Reims, Town of Art and History, with its UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites, its famous cathedral and prestigious Champagne wine producers…

The Notre-Dame Cathedral

A masterpiece of 13th century Gothic style art. In honor of Clovis’ christening, the cathedral served as the stage for 25 coronations. It is embellished by more than 2,300 sculptures such as the famous “Smiling Angel”.

  cathedrale_1 cathedrale_2  
place_royal ange_sourire

The Royal Square

It was built from 1754 to 1912 based on a drawing by Legendre, a civil engineer. The statue of Louis XV and its base were created by Pigalle in 1765.

The Forum Square

From this spot you can see the Cryptoporticus, a Gallo-Roman monument built during the 3rd century A.D. It’s located under the ancient forum, center of any respectable Roman city.




Champagne wine

Reims is located in the Champagne region, reputed for its famous sparkling white wine: Champagne.

Champagne wine has been associated over the centuries with important events. Its prestige and class permeate our lives.

Initially, Champagne region wines were “bright, delicate, fresh and lively”. But it was only from the late 17th century onwards that Champagne wines became sparkling. This transformed them into the unchallenged party kings of the world.





picto01 caves

The Champagne wine cellars in Épernay

We’ll tour the “Maison de Champagne De Castellane”, one of France’s oldest families, whose origin dates back to the Counts of Arles and Provence in the 10th century.

“Champagne De Castellane” is not only famous for quality wines and its Red Cross, but also for its location. Its famous 66 meter tall tower provides a unique view of the prestigious “Vallée de la Marne” vineyard.

The “Maison De Castellane”

It was in 1895 that the Viscount Florens de Castellane, a descendant of one of France’s oldest families, established his household at Épernay.

A fascinating experience, touring the Champagne De Castellane cellars will allow you to discover every step in the process of creating a great Champagne wine: from the actual winemaking to labeling the bottles, including aging in the cellar…

You’ll tour the whole facility and be able to witness how the winemakers do their stuff. In addition, the “Musée de la Tradition Champenoise” will help you understand how Champagne wine production has evolved into today’s modern techniques, and you’ll discover the Label Room (where over 3,500 designs have been preserved).






  bouteille_castellane hommes tour


Day’s program:

  • Meeting at 7:45 am on the stairs of the Opéra Garnier (metro Opéra, lignes 3-7-8 and RER A, station Auber)
  • Departure for Reims
  • Guided tour of the city and its cathedral
  • Time for lunch at Reims
  • Departure for Epernay
  • Guided tour of cellars Champagne de Castellan at Eperny; tasting of champagne
  • Departure for Paris at 5:30 pm; arrival expected around 7:30 pm.

Tarifs and Dates

Price: starting from €75

Included in price:

  • Transport by coach
  • Guided tours of the city of Reims and the cathedral
  • The tour of the cellars of champagne and champagne tasting

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