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Visit of the Small Palace Museum (Paris Museum of Fine Arts)

Come discover the Small Palace, which houses Paris’ Museum of Fine Arts. Located in a garden near the famous Champs-Élysées Avenue, it’s part of a group of monuments including the Great Palace Museum and Alexander III Bridge. The Small Palace Museum is an architectural jewel both inside and out, in particular due to its vast well-lit galleries, its use of transparency around the interior garden… Built for the 1900 World’s Fair, this site dedicated to art showcases an artistic panorama from Antiquity to the 20th century. You’ll be able to discover within it ancient and medieval collections as well as Flemish and Dutch paintings. Completely renovated, the Small Palace Museum combines modernisme with the spirit of 1900.  


Source:Paris Sharing/Flickr


Source:Jean-Perre Dalbéra/Flickr



Visit of Victor Hugo’s home

We provide you with an opportunity to discover the universe of a French litterary genius: Victor Hugo. Via a guided tour of his home, in the heart of the historic Marsh district, we’ll learn more about the life and experiences of the author of “Notre-Dame-de-Paris” and “Les Misérables”.

The site: Victor Hugo lived in an appartment on the second floor of this building, located at number 6 of the very beautiful Vosges Square, from 1832 to 1848. This square, commissioned by Henri IV, is one of the rare ones to remain unchanged since its creation. The Victor Hugo Museum, created in 1902, displays drawings, books and objets belonging to the writer, allows us to have a glimpse of his private life.



Source:David McSpadden/Flickr


Source:David McSpadden/Flickr



Visit of the Cognacq-Jay Museum

Located in the luxurious Donon Mansion in The Marsh district, this 18th century European art collection reminds us about how refined life was during the Age of Enlightenment. Come discover this museum which presents a collection of fine paintings and sculptures where famous artists (Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Jean-Honoré Fragonard) mingle with less well-known masters (Niclas Lafrensen, Jacques Saly). Woodwork, furniture and decorative art creations illustrate how elegant society lived.

The Cognacq-Jay couple: Théodore-Ernest Cognacq (1839-1928) and his wife Marie-Louise Jay (1838-1925), merchants of modest origin, founded the famous “La Samaritaine” department store. They also founded the museum bearing their name thanks to the collection they amassed starting in 1895 that Théodore-Ernest donated to the city of Paris in his will.



Source:Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr


Source:Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr



Visit of the Paris Museum of Modern Art

We’ll see the rich permanent collections of the Paris Museum of Modern Art. Explore this museum dedicated to 20th century art. Its beautiful collections showcase the major French and European artistic styles, from Fauvism to contemporary art, while passing through Cubism and Conceptual Art.

The museum: Built for the 1937 World’s Fair, its architects were A. Aubert, D. Dastugue, J-C. Dondel and P. Viard. This building houses part of the State’s Modern Art collections previously exhibited in the Luxembourg Museum’s Orange Grove, and those of the City of Paris conserved in the Small Palace Museum. These collections are varied: paintings, sculptures, Installation art, photographs, video, etc.



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Tour of the Gustave Moreau Museum

We invite you to tour with us painter Gustave Moreau’s magnificent apartment/museum.
Everything here was chosen by the painter himself. Gustave Moreau (1826-1898) wanted this museum to be in his image and for his work to be united here. Thousands of drawings, eight hundred aquarelles and paintings will carry you into Moreau’s universe, a painter fascinated by mythological, biblical and litterary themes. In addition to Moreau’s creations, we’ll discover his appartment, which gathers up his memories (works by Edgar Degas, Gustave Ricard, Nicolas Poussin, Théodore Chassériau, etc.).




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Visit of the Antoine Bourdelle Museum

Let us guide you for an afternoon through the universe of Antoine Bourdelle via a tour of his museum. World-class sculpter, he was an apprentice of Auguste Rodin, and master to Alberto Giacometti, Germaine Richier and Vieira da Silva. This museum was expanded in 1961 to underline the artist’s centennial. It’s located in the rooms, studios and gardens where he lived since 1884.

A museum right in the studio! Unchanged, the museum still contains the rough drafts and monument statues, as well as the Gothic-style furniture that the artist loved. In addition, you’ll also be able to see there an exceptional collection of plaster, bronze and marble creations by Alberto Giacometti, Germaine Richier and Vieira da Silva.



Source:J-P Dalbéra/Flickr


Source:J-P Dalbéra/Flickr



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