Why Us?

Need to organize a travel experience for your group? Feel overwhelmed with paperwork? Tired of inflexible and inefficient travel agents? Shocked by the travel costs? Life doesn’t have to be so difficult!

Budgetourism is a leader in the domain of group travel in France and Europe. For almost 8 years we have worked with different educational institutions (universities in Europe and in the United States, exchange programs, language schools) and various associations (youth oriented, special interest groups, sport) helping them provide unique travel experience for their members.

How are we different?

There are three things that make us different from our competition:

  • Efficiency: all of our clients have many responsibilities and obligations that they have to fulfill to their customers or members; when it comes to travel and social activities, they need a rapid and inexpensive solution that could enhance the services that they already provide. We understand these needs and know how to respond to them. We provide prepackaged, time proven travel solutions that can accommodate educational and entertainment needs of your customers, keeping your costs low.
  • Dedication: travel is not just business for us. We are proud of France and its culture and it is important for us to make each and every one of your customers (French or foreigner) feel the true spirit of the Republic. We work very hard to find unique travel opportunities that will make your group, with its specific needs (whatever they may be!), feel enriched and satisfied with the travel experience.
  • Spirit: booking a hotel and a bus for a group is one thing; making travel experience for the group unforgettable is something completely different. What makes the difference? The spirit! Each group has its unique energy and its unique dynamics. We do our best to choose itineraries, travel accommodations and, most importantly, guides and accompanying personal that will perfectly match the unique attributes and needs of your group.

Can we help you? Well...who are you?

Exchange Program

You are an educational institution that brings students from abroad to study in French universities (for a semester, a year or just for the summer). You help students with housing and academics, but find it difficult to take care of the social and travel needs of your students. We can help! We can organize walking tours and bus tours for your students, based on your specific needs. We will prepare an itinerary, book necessary accommodations and arrange everything to make your students feel welcome.

College or University

You are a college professor who wants to take his or her class for unforgettable journey to France. Whether you are planning a rich educational experience or just taking your students for a quick vacation, we can be of service to you! We can help you with train/airplane tickets and accommodations. We can build an itinerary with you, taking into account both your needs and your costs. Finally, we can help you process all of the need reservations for guided tours, museum visits, and, of course, country wide travel by bus or by train.

Language School

You are a language school welcoming many foreign students for relatively short time periods. While primary goal of your students is to study a language, they also want to discover the city and the country where they stay. We will help them enjoy their stay! We can organize thematic walking tours, book a wine tasting class or arrange for an exciting dinner at a restaurant in the best culinary traditions of the region. Whether you have a small group of 10 students or a large one of 100, we will get you covered and always at the best price!

Non-profit Organization

You are a tireless group of volunteers trying to make this world a better place. With your passion, you light hearts of other people and more and more members join your cause. Managing daily activities of your organization, contacting members, organizing events and still having your own life on a side can be a real challenge. So how do you provide a unique experience to your members, while keeping your expenses low..? We will join your cause and our team will find just the right activity for your needs. We can organize thematic tours that relate to the nature of your organization or we can just organize a recreation one-day getaway for your members to relax and socialize. We can also invite interesting speakers and industry professionals that could turn your weekend travel into a rich education experience.

Works Council

Every day you strive to offer best services for your employees to keep them motivated, get them to relax and make their daily work experience more enjoyable. Whether it’s to celebrate an important event, welcome new staff members or rejuvenate the sales force, organizing a group trip is a real opportunity to offer your employees an enriching and motivational experience, and above all, to build a true spirit of the team. We are here to help you create all of the exciting journeys that put together pleasure and efficiency, sharing and motivation, adventure and relaxation.

Travel Agency

Our industry partners are like a family for us. So you are a travel agency and you have got your clients and you have got your best selling destinations, but every now and then there is someone who knocks on your door asks about that dream tour in Paris or Mont Saint Michel or perhaps some other place that is not on your list. Why lose this group when we can be partners! Our efficiency and industry connections allow us to come up with unbelievable offers for our partners. Not only will you be able to provide your customers with the level of service that they deserve at a great price, but also make some fine profit for yourself. Give us a chance and you will not be disappointed!

None of the above!

Hey, it’s great to be different and not fit a predefined box! That’s our spirit and most likely you should be our client. If you feel the need for our services, we surly will provide them to you. Just send us a quick message and let our fruitful partnership begin...


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